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IAADent Comprehensive Orthodontics Course

" Dr Ken Lee and Dr Cary Fraser have put together a brilliant course."

I have no prior orthodontic experience and I have found that attending the Comprehensive Orthodontic Course run by the IAAD has not only increased my knowledge of dental Orthopaedics and orthodontics, but also the TMJ and Airway. It makes me a much better general dentist. Ifeel this course should be included at every undergraduate dental school!"

Dr M. Pinto (Perth)

IAADent Comprehensive Implant Course

“ This Course is a must!!! It is without doubt, one of the top 5 comprehensive implant courses in the world. After finishing this course, you will have the confidence and passion to make implantology a significant part of your practice.”

Dr Steve Gallela, Memphis, TN

To Ken,


" You have opened my eyes to the world of cutting edge implantology.

Your level of knowledge, skill, positive nature and interactive communication throughout your seminars, has been truely inspirational.

My quest for learning and rehabilitating patients with implants has certainly been ignited.

Your 6 sessions on Implantology was equivalent to me attending 15years of other implant courses"


Dr R. Pather (Experienced Implant Dentist)

"The IAAD Comprehensive Implant Course is a practical, hands-on course that has given me the knowledge and skills needed to provide the best implant treatment for my patients.

It has renewed my passion for learning and continuous professional development by changing the way I view my role as a general practitioner.

Since completing the course, I have had a more holistic and advanced understanding of dentistry, and patients have consistently commented on the thouroughness of my treatment"

Dr J.Y. Choi (Brisbane)

IAAD Comprehensive Implant 2013
IAAD Ortho IV 2013..
IAAD Ortho VI 2014
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IAAD Ortho II 2013
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