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IAADent is committed to providing the best possible education in implant dentistry and orthopaedics/orthodontics to general dentists. Our aim is to create super dentists who provide the highest standard of care for the health and benefit of our patients!


Every year IAADent educates more than 150 students who learn about implantology, orthodontics and etc. All participants mean valuable and special to us. Take a look at what they say about their experience in

IAADent Courses.

Dr M. Pinto

 Dr Ken Lee and Dr Cary Fraser have put together a brilliant course. I have no prior orthodontic experience and I have found that attending the Comprehensive Orthodontic Course run by the IAAD has not only increased my knowledge of dental Orthopaedics and orthodontics, but also the TMJ and Airway. It makes me a much better general dentist. I feel this course should be included at every undergraduate dental school!

Dr Steve Gallela

 This Course is a must!!! It is without doubt, one of the top 5 comprehensive implant courses in the world. After finishing this course, you will have the confidence and passion to make implantology a significant part of your practice.


"The biggest advantage IAAD has over other courses (I have done ...... and ......) is the support it provides. Marianne gives me great feedback and if I'm really worried I send Jon or Ken an SOS message. It's great to have peace of mind knowing I have them to support me as we all make mistakes when we first start doing ortho."

—  Dr R L

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