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IAADent Comprehensive Implant Course

SZ: “Been around the implant education circuit for a while, but this Course is blowing my mind. Changing the way I think and practice immediately. Wonderful meeting enthusiastic like minded people who are all looking to provide best clinical care for their patient base.”


NY: “Completed a masters degree at uni for 2 years, however the depth of knowledge from the 2 day course with Dr. Kenneth Lee and his team is incredible! Not only that, I was able to watch a live surgery and learn so many clinical tips, a very hands on course. Not just all theory. Privileged to have Ken mentoring and sculpting me into the best dental clinician to create healthier patients. Thank you IAADent”

CM: “Was captivated the whole time. Learnt so much mainly due to the direct clinical no BS approach. Was well worth flying over from Perth for”

JV: “IAADent implant residency.. The absolute best mentors you could ask for..
Passionate educators here to challenge what you think you know. Straight talk clinician to clinician. No BS. Always a great laugh.
No matter how much experience you have there is so much more you will learn to finesse your skill set in diagnostics, treatment planning and surgery for superior patient outcomes.
So many friendships formed with like minded doctors.”

AA: “Can’t recommend this highly enough!!! Big shout out to Dr. Kenneth Lee and all his IAADent staff as well as MI NI Max!!
1st module was very informative and no doubt the following sessions are just going to get better and better.
Concurrently doing the IAADent Ortho course. Recommend anyone who hasn’t done either of these to sign up asap!!”

IAADent Comprehensive Orthodontic Course

AV: “I’m loving this course.
Two great educators and the rest of the team are absolute gentlemen.”

TL: “Fantastic course! Wonderful content and unparalleled passion to the profession!”

VT: “I have so much more clarity in my understanding of “interceptive” orthodontic treatment and the connections between sleep/TMD/airways. I think all modern dentists should know about these areas of health to keep really relevant and help our patients!
I am now able to investigate my own issues with confidence. Thank you thank you thank you Kenneth, Cary, Robert and Jon for answering all of our questions, writing things on the board when we’re confused, help with the hands-on component and refreshing past content for us!
I’m going to miss the IAADENT family, the laughs, the good food/drinks and the passionate dental discussions! 1 more session to go!”

JH: “I think one of the major things that differs IAADent from other courses is the confidence I have in starting my own cases from the get go. The focus on patient well-being and not just teeth is definitely the way all dentists should be approaching patient care and as always Cary and Ken have curated an engaging weekend.”

LK: “Such a great course filled with amazing lecturers and attendees! Never have I been to a course where the lecturers stay back so late into the night to continue their teaching, sacrificing their dinner and family time. A true testament of their dedication and passion. Gonna miss this course when it ends!”

SC: “Thank you IAADent team! 🙏🙏🙏 Mind blown every weekend I'm here! Learning new facts that give so much more insight to how we treat patients and their overall well being. Thanks Kenneth and Jeff for opening my eyes even more 🤣🤣 (pun intended!). Also don't think I'll get treated to musang king durians at any other course! This course is gold! We'd be a much better profession if everyone did this course! Can't believe we only have two more sessions.”

DP: “Thank You Dr Ken Dr Carey Dr Rob and The great guest lecturers...
Highly Recommend this course for anyone looking to get their orthodontics journey started.”

CL: “My mind is still buzzing from the last 2 days. So grateful for the opportunity to learn from the people at the top of their games. I never thought I would ever be able to understand TMDs and sleep. But I have more clarity now and I know I have so much more to learn but I’m not so afraid to approach these topics now. Thank you.”

SO: “Always return motivated and excited after each session, so much learning, such a positive environment and amazing support. Never had such supportive and patient mentors. 🙏🏼
If not us then who else will help. We all need this knowledge, thanks for spreading it.”

CM: “The learning just keeps getting better with each session! Airways, tmj, pain, orthopaedics’s all coming together and we’re an enthusiastic bunch! Thanks Kenneth Carey Jon Robert for your teaching and staying back way past dinner time to go through our cases!”

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