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IAADent Comprehensive Implant Course 2018

Session 1        16-17 March 2018       Introduction to Dental Implants - Science of Dental Implantology. Records,                                                                                               Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Part 1

Session 2         20-21 April 2018        Surgical site and bone evaluation - Surgical setup and augmentation materials.                                                                                         Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Part 2              

Session 3         18-19 May 2018        Prosthetic Considerations and Classifications,  CAD/CAM, Treatment Planning.

Session 4         15-16 June 2018       Prosthesis, CT reviews, PIEZO Surgery, Treatment Planning.


Session 5         20-21 July 2018        Osteotome Technique, GBR and GTR Techniques

Session 6         7-8 Sept 2018           Concentrated Growth Factors, Ridge splitting and Sinus Lifts/Grafts

Session 7         19-20 Oct 2018         Sinus Lift and Complications

Session 8         23-24 Nov 2018        The Total Implant Dentist !

Fee for all individual sessions are $2090.

15% discount if registering and prepaying for

all 8 sessions : $14212


All sessions will begin at 9am and finish at 5pm both days.


IAADent Comprehensive Orthodontics Course 2018

Session I          2-3 March 2018        Bones, Muscles, Airway and Teeth (maybe?).                                                                                                                                                   Comprehensive Patient Assessment, Diagnosis.                                              

Session II           6-7 April 2018         Early Interceptive Treatment Philosophy. Record Taking.

                                                          Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. Appliance Design.

Session III           4-5 May 2018         ClassII correction. Bionator and Twinblock therapies. Functional appliances.

                                                          Fixed-Removable appliances.Fixed Mechanics.  Bracket Placements.

                                                          Indirect Bracket Bonding.

Session IV         1-2 June 2018         Straightwire Mechanics, Wire Bending, Bracket Selection, Instrumentation / 

                                                          Introduction to Controlled Arch Technique


Session V          6-7 July 2018          Functional influences for skeletal discrepancies, Alternative to conventional braces, 

                                                         Cosmetic Alignment of Anterior Teeth, Lingual Braces.

                                                         Treatment of Class III Cases

Session VI        14-15 Sept 2018        Introduction to PAIN, TMD Assessment and Diagnosis, 

                                                          Joint and Muscle Pathology,

Session VII      12-13 Oct 2018       Sleep (OSA) Diagnosis and Treatment. Pain-Sleep Interactions. 

                                                        Advanced Biomechanics and fixed mechanics.

                                                        Impacted Canines. Introduction to Microimplants.

Session VIII       9-10 Nov 2018       A bioefficient skeletal anchorage system, Debanding, Retention. 


Advanced Mechanics 2018

17th-18th August 

This Course is for those who want to advance their

knowledge and skills in fixed appliance therapy


Topics to be covered :

  • Opening/Closing bites

  • Crossbites

  • Unilateral crossbite

  • Treatment of arch asymmetry and midline corrections

  • Simultaneous fixed/removable appliance therapy

  • "Scissor" bite

  • Hands-on using typodonts.


Bring all your patient records for cases which we can discuss in depth

All necessary instruments and materials will be provided

Prerequisites : Completion of IAADent courses or

Prior knowledge of orthopaedic/orthodontic therapies

Numbers are strictly limited.



When? 17th-18th August 2018

Where? Hotel Urban

 194 Pacific Highway (corner Bellevue Ave) Greenwich NSW 2065 Complimentary Parking on Site

Cost? $2970

           $2090 for  IAADent graduates (Have done 8 Sessions or more of IAADent Courses)     


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