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This course offers a unique educational opportunity featuring a proven curriculum for a successful implant practitioner. In eight two-day sessions. the IAADent Course provides participants with ample opportunity both to learn and to apply new techniques. Participants will develop actual cases from their own practices, beginning with diagnosis and treatment planning, proceeding through surgical guide fabrication and 3-D image analysis and culminating in implant placement. 

Dr Lee will share his knowledge gathered from decades of learning and insight gained from working with different implant systems

Session 1     12-13 March 2021        Introduction to Dental Implants. Science of Dental Implantology

                                                          Assessment & Diagnosis

Session 2       23-24 April 2021         Surgical site and bone evaluation. Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

                                                          Surgical setup and augmentation materials

Session 3       25-26 June 2021        Prosthetic Considerations and Classification. CAD/CAM

Session 4     27-28 August 2021       Prosthesis, CT reviews. PIEZO Surgery

Session 5   24-25 September 2021  Osteotome Technique. GBR and GTR Techniques

Session 6    22-23 October 2021      Concentrated Growth Factors. Ridge splitting and Sinus Lifts/Grafts

Session 7  19-20 November 2021   Sinus Lift and Complications

Session 8  10-11 December 2021    The Total Implant Dentist !



Modern orthopaedic/orthodontic treatment modality involves a lot more than teeth.

Due to growing demand by the dental community, IAADent proudly presents an integrated orthodontics/orthopaedics/TMJ/airway course. Learn the ABCs. No prerequisite or knowledge required as the instructors will be going through an integrated approach.

Session I       19-20 March 2021         Understanding Aetiology & Diagnostics

                                                            Bones, Muscles, Airway and Teeth, Record Taking

Session II     30 April, 1 May 2021      Diagnosis continued. Early Treatment &

                                                            Introduction to Appliance Therapy

Session III       28-29 May 2021          Treatment Planning. Class II correction & Mechanics

                                                            Functional Appliances. Introduction to Straightwire

Session IV          2-3 July 2021           Continued Straightwire Mechanics

                                                            Introduction to Controlled Arch Technique

Session V         6-7 August 2021         Alternatives to Conventional Orthodontics

                                                             Class III Skeletal and Dental case management

Session VI      3-4 September 2021     Introduction to PAIN. TMD Work-Up

                                                             Splint Therapy, Splint types, Splint design

Session VII      8-9 October 2021         Impacted Canines, Sleep (SDB, OSA)

                                                             Introduction to Sleep Appliances, Microimplants-TADs

Session VIII  12-13 November 2021    Banding & Bracketing Errors. Debanding, Retention.                  

                                                             TADs, Frenectomy, Risk Management


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