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IAADent Comprehensive Implant Course 2015

Session 1          8-9 May 2015            Introduction to Dental Implants

                                                        Science of Dental Implantology

Session 2         5-6 June 2015            Surgical site and bone evaluation

                                                        Surgical setup and augmentation materials

Session 3         17-18 July 2015         Prosthetic Considerations and Classifications


Session 4         14-15 Aug 2015          Prosthesis, CT reviews

                                                        PIEZO Surgery

Session 5          4-5 Sept 2015            Osteotome Technique

                                                         GBR and GTR Techniques

Session 6       16 -17 Oct 2015             Concentrated Growth Factors

                                                         Ridge splitting and Sinus Lifts/Grafts

Session 7         20-21 Nov 2015             Sinus Lift and Complications

Session 8          4-5 Dec 2015            The Total Implant Dentist !

All sessions will begin at 9am and finish at 5pm both days.

Location : 15 Orion Rd, Lane Cove West, Sydney 2066  

 (offices of Minimax)

Fee for all individual sessions are $1850.

15% discount if registering and prepaying for all 8 sessions : $12580

IAADent Comprehensive Orthodontics Course 2015 -2016

Dr Kenneth Lee

is a full time practising dentist in Sydney, Australia...

Dr Cary Fraser


Diplomate IAO

Master Senior Instructor IAO...

Prof Dong-Seok Sohn

Professor and Chair,

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery...

Dr Anthony M. Sved



Dr Jonathan Low

is the principal dentist of Today's Dental Auburn practice...

Session I          22-23 May 2015          Bones, Muscles, Airway and Teeth (maybe?)

Session II         24-25 Jul 2015            Early Interceptive Treatment Philosophy

Session III        11-12 Sept 2015          ClassII correction and Fixed Mechanics

Session IV        30-31 Oct 2015          Straightwire/

                                                        Introduction to Controlled Arch Technique

Session V         13-14 Nov 2015          Functional influences for skeletal discrepancies

                                                        Alternative to conventional braces

Session VI        19-20 Feb 2016           Introduction to PAIN

                                                         TMD, Sleep (OSA)

Session VII       11-12 Mar 2016           Pain-Sleep Interactions

                                                        Advanced Biomechanics and fixed mechanics

Session VIII        29-30 Apr 2016          A bioefficient skeletal anchorage system

                                                         Debanding, Retention. Practice Management

Dr Terrance Spahl's Sydney Seminar

Essential knowledge for those who see or treat patients with TMJ dysfunction, headaches and migraines.

Dr Spahl will solve the mystery of "TMD"

What the university did not teach you.


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Pain Explained - From Cause to Cure.

World-renowned lecturer and doyen of dentistry Dr Terrance Spahl B.S., D.D.S. presents the most important Orthodontic breakthrough of our time. It will change the way you look at Orthodontic treatment forever!

4th, 5th and 6th March 2016

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